Therapist Near Me

Therapist Near Me

So here you are looking for a counselor/therapist. Did googling Counseling near me give you what you want? If you are still reading then you are looking for extra help to make the right choice. Luckily you found this post to get expert insight from a mental health professional. Congratulations on taking the first step as most people who want help never take this step. In this post, we’ll go over various steps in the process of selecting and finding the right counselor near you. 

Counseling Near me

You’ve Googled counseling near me or counselor near me, or maybe therapist near me and you have several options. Various factors will influence your final decision regarding who to pick and why. Should you choose based on degree level, appearance, expertise, price, or distance? Which one of these factors matters the most to you? There is no easy answer here because all of these factors are important. As a therapist, clients have told me various reasons why they chose me. Different factors matter to different people. Let’s continue to break down the different criteria so we can examine each one.

Your Focus Problem

You Googled therapist near me or counseling near me for a reason. So let us begin with why you are seeking help in the first place. Not all therapists/counselors are created equal. Some focus on anger while others focus on grief. Some have specialized training in certain theories or techniques. Now I know this is already sounding complicated so let me simplify this. In your search results, start looking for therapists that in some way indicate they focus on helping people with your specific needs. Do you need help with anger management, grief, or maybe life transitions? 

Let’s say you have gone through several therapists/counselors and nobody seems to focus on what you want help with in your search for a therapist near me. There are several points we are going to discuss here. First, if that is the case there is a chance the problem you are wanting help with is not a clinical term we therapists/counselors recognize. For example, anger management is an extra credential that is optional for a therapist. So searching for anger management will likely get you specific therapists who advertise as anger management specialists. If your problem does not seem to show up as a type of counseling therapist has on their website, it might be that there is no clinical term we recognize. That does not mean you cannot be helped, it just means you will have to do some extra work when you Googled therapist near me or counseling near me.

Second, we don’t list everything we can help you with. For example, I have worked with various clients who need help regarding infidelity. Either they are the victim of infidelity or they commit infidelity and sometimes both. I do not advertise this on my website because this term often brings couples for treatment and that is not something I do. Just because you run a search for a therapist near me or counseling near me and you are not finding what you want does not mean all hope is lost. This just means you might have to make phone calls and try to schedule a free consultation to see if the therapist/counselor is the right fit.   

Third, expand your search area. If none of the counseling services near you are a good fit then it is time to expand your search area. Getting professional help is important and this process can be life-changing. Counseling costs money, it takes time and requires effort to speak to a stranger about personal topics you struggle with. Do you really want to settle for whoever is near you? I understand that adding more to your weekly commute can be troublesome. Consider this, is it more troublesome to settle and potentially pick the wrong therapist and end up wasting both time and money? Or is it more troublesome to drive longer but choose the right therapist with whom counseling is valuable?

 Therapist Appearance

I know this might sound shallow and perhaps you feel shallow for considering this in your search for a therapist or counseling services. Appearance is an important factor when considering who to go with. Let me break this down and rid you of the stigma of being shallow for considering appearances. I myself am a younger-looking male Latino. All of my clients know this before signing up with me as my picture is out there. I’ve had clients choose me specifically for my appearance. Some of my clients are young and want someone more relatable in age. Other clients are of color and want a therapist of color. I dress well in my professional photos and clients have made comments of how important that is because they themselves are high-achieving professionals. 

Appearance matters because this is an important a-typical relationship. You did not Google therapist near me or counseling near me to make a friend. You are looking for mental health services so it makes sense you would consider how a person looks. If you are entering retirement and are struggling with the transition, you might not want a younger therapist. This makes sense because it is important to you that your therapist is relatable to you. At the end of the day, counseling is a service that is focused on helping you through a healing relationship. 

Counseling Relationship

As I just mentioned above, counseling is a healing relationship. This is what makes therapy unique in comparison to other helping professions. Seeing a therapist won’t help if a relationship cannot be formed. Various factors impact how well the relationship progresses but a relationship is necessary. This does not mean that you have to be in love with your therapist or be excited to see your counselor every time. This relationship, although unique, is still a professional relationship. What I mean is that this relationship requires trust and a willingness to work. If you do not think your therapist is worth the drive, you do not visibility find the counselor relatable, or the counseling services you need are not provided. Then there is little chance a healthy healing relationship will be formed. I call therapy a healing relationship because you both will get to know each other and through mutual understanding, healing occurs. 


Another aspect of the counseling relationship is personality. What I will be focusing on is the personality of the therapist when you Googled therapist near me. Because therapy is a relationship, personality is important. It is no different than the importance of the friends you keep or the people you love. They all have personalities and so does your counselor. It is important to find a counselor whose personality will be of benefit to you. Think of a person or people in your life who you find the most helpful. These are the people who care about you and want you to succeed. What type of person are they? Are they blunt and straightforward, insightful and analytical, or some other combination? For example, I am blunt and straightforward. I call out what I see and I get straight to the point. People who hate this type of personality won’t do well with me. On the opposite side, people who like this or understand they need this personality, benefit immensely from our relationship. Personality is equally if not more important than appearance as some aspects of appearance can be ignored but personality cannot. 

Counseling Price

The dreaded topic of price for a service. You’ve Googled therapist near me or counseling near me and you have made a list of counselors who might be a good fit. Now it comes down to how much should I pay? First and foremost, only pay what you can reasonably afford. There is no value in becoming homeless or starving yourself to get therapy. You are here to get rid of problems, not replace one problem for another. That being said, don’t automatically find the cheapest solution either. The goal in choosing the right therapist is to check as many boxes as possible. One of those boxes is price. 

If you are wondering if there is a difference between a therapist who charges $200 compared to a therapist who charges $80, the answer is yes. It is not just the price that creates a difference but other factors too. One difference between rates is confidence. Consider this, counselors who acknowledge their self-value have a higher level of confidence and thus feel more confident in their abilities. Why does any of this matter? For example, you need back surgery after an accident, you meet your surgeon and he comes across as unsure or insecure of his skills. You then begin to second guess yourself if this surgeon has what it takes to fix your back or make things worse. Do you want an uneasy, insecure surgeon to operate on your spine? Hopefully, you answered no! This does not mean therapists who charge lower rates are unsure and insecure, some counselors enjoy charging lower rates. What I mean is, do not immediately go for the cheaper service if you can afford more just because it’s cheap. 

Another difference is extra training or specialties. Unfortunately, being a well-trained therapist is costly. You would think since most counseling services are affordable, that getting trained in other areas is affordable too. This is sadly not the case. For example, if you are looking for a certified sex therapist, that extra training the therapist needs costs thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. Anger management, addictions, emotional support animals, and many more specialty areas cost thousands of dollars worth of training. Therapists who charge more have the financial resources to get extra training sooner rather than later. As I mentioned earlier, there is a chance that the counselor in question does not list all of their specialized training. This means you might be getting a lot more value for the higher rate than you think. Wondering how to find out if the therapist has more training than what they put on the website? Simple, just reach out to them and ask. 

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