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Sex Therapy in Greenwood Village, CO

Sex Therapy is difficult to find. You want someone who understands and accepts you. A sex therapist can help you improve your quality of life. Regardless if you engage in sex work, kink/BDSM, or consensual non-monogamy. You have internal struggles that are beyond your skill set to resolve. This is why sex therapy is so important. Therapy can help you overcome your burdens, and rid you of guilt or shame. Improve your sexual wellness with a sex therapist. Are you seeking help with difficult-to-discuss topics? Or do you just want to find acceptance and validation of your struggles? You’ve come to the right place.

a picture of a couple's feet in bed. learn more about sexual counseling greenwood village, co. A sexual therapist in greenwood village, co can help you. Sex Therapy and Sex Work

Sex work is demanding both physically and emotionally and sex-positive therapy can help. Your work often demands much from you and leaves you with few resources for yourself. The clients you work with often bring their own emotional struggles. Which adds to your stress. You need a place to be yourself without concern for what others need of you. People in your life may not understand your decisions. This can lead to social isolation and depression.

Signs Sex Therapy is for You

  • Struggling with shame and guilt
  • Depression
  • Struggles with sexual performance
  • Lack of sexual pleasure
  • Feeling Isolated or alienated
  • Feeling lost
  • Issues with your sexual identity
  • Relationship issues
  • Fear of rejection
  • Communication issues with your partner(s)
  • Poor boundaries
  • Low self-esteem or self-worth

Sex Therapy for Shame and Guiltblack and white picture of man sitting on couch looking away. Avoid feeling guilt and shame during sex positive therapy in greenwood village, cO

There is often a struggle with shame and guilt when it comes to discussing sex and various forms of relationships. You can often feel misunderstood and judged by others in your community. Sex therapy is a place where all you will find is unconditional acceptance. By understanding your shame and guilt, you can regain the power to feel happy. A sex therapist can help you develop skills, knowledge, and tools. So that you can be well-equipped for your future.

Sex Therapy and Consensual Non-Monogamy

Relationships come in many forms. Sex therapy can help with relationship issues and communication. As well as, sexual performance, sexual pleasure, acceptance, and the list goes on. The goal of sex-positive therapy is to improve your quality of life. While also being accepted for who you are as a person. As a sex therapist, validation, feeling safe and accepted for who you are and how you live your life is important.

Female wearing wrist bracelt handcuffs with black shorts and fishnets. sexual counseling greenwood village, co can support you. Learn more about sex postiive therapy from a sexual therapist in greenwood village, coSex Therapy and Kink

Sex therapy focuses on a framework of acceptance and understanding. You will not have to hide or explain away any marks or bruises. You can openly discuss your sexual behavior and how that relates to your mental health. Through sex therapy, you can increase your own level of self-acceptance. You’ll be able to talk with a professional about your concerns. Without having to fear being judged or diagnosed for how you live your life. As a sex therapist, our goal is self-improvement. It’s imperative to build a therapeutic rapport to help with feeling comfortable. Without feeling judged or discriminated.

My Approach to Sex Therapy

I am straightforward and blunt. I like to cut through the bullshit and get straight to the point. My goal is to help you become more self-aware of how you can not only help yourself but also get out of your own way. The path to your happiness is filled with barriers and I aim to help you remove all of them. I will teach you how to help yourself so that no matter the situation you are in control and feel at your best. As a sex therapist, you’ll learn the functions of your emotions. Next, how to build self-confidence. Then, how to set boundaries is some of the most common examples of what I can help you with.

Life After TherapyGroup of people laughing while outside. A therapist in greenwood village, co is here to help you manage life's challenges. Learn more about sex positive therapy in greenwood village, co

You will have all the self-confidence you need. Communication skills and the ability to advocate your boundaries will always keep you happy and healthy. High levels of self-acceptance will cause others to accept you for you. You’ll have a deep understanding of how to not consciously or subconsciously create your own barriers. You’ll often find yourself in a place of love, joy, acceptance, and confidence. Through therapy, you’ll have the knowledge, tools, and skills to overcome life challenges and always find a creative solution to your problems.

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Online therapy isn’t the only service offered by my Greenwood Village, CO-based practice. I also offer sex therapy, anxiety treatment, and depression treatment. Feel free to learn more by visiting my blog or about page today.

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