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NA close up a person offering their hand to their partner, being met with rejection. Treatment for narcissism in Greenwood Village, CO can offer support for your relationship. Learn more about narcissit therapy online in Greenwood Village, CO by contacting a narcissistic therapist in Greenwood Village, CO.arcissism is a term used to describe a person who does not consider the emotions of others. You may have been called this term. Or, you are thinking you were being logical. Are you in a professional setting where many important decisions are being made and you do not have the time to consider everyone’s feelings? Are you the type of person who checks your feelings at the door? Do you know you come off as narcissistic and do not care because you get the job done?

Common Narcissistic Signs:

  • Burned bridges
  • Feeling isolated
  • Lack of close social relationships
  • Multiple divorces or bad breakups
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Not understanding the emotions of others
  • Being called a narcissist
  • Not knowing what to do with your emotions

Narcissistic Thinking

Part of narcissism is keeping your emotions to yourself and avoiding letting others see them. Your mind is busy with important projects. You believe you have earned the admiration of others. But, you struggle to understand the emotions of others. You believe you are important to others around you and your company. Without you, things would fall apart. You spend your free time thinking about having lots of money, power, success, beauty, and ideal love. Only other people of equal status can understand you because you are unique.

Narcissism and Behavior

A lone man sits on a tree stump alone in a park. Treatment for narcissism in Greenwood Village, CO can offer support in overcoming narcissism. A therapist for narcissism in Greenwood Village, CO can offer narcissist therapy online in Greenwood Village, CO and more.As a narcissist, you are quick to anger when people do not listen to you. They deserve what they get from you because they earned it. You hold yourself to the same high standards as everyone else. If you can do it, so can they. The ends justify the means so you will do what needs to be done to get ahead. Better you take advantage of others before they do it to you. People are often jealous of you because of your accomplishments

The Struggle of Narcissism

You keep people at a distance which often leaves you feeling isolated or alone. You struggle to maintain healthy intimate relationships. You’re unsure of how to increase intimacy with others. You have a history of burning bridges. Criticism from others is hard to deal with but nobody criticizes you more than yourself. You have achieved a lot but never feel fully satisfied. Narcissism causes you to struggle with sensations of shame and humiliation. People have made comments on your substance use but you need to cope all the same

Treatment for Narcissism

The focus would be to build your emotional intelligence. This is both for yourself and your social relationships. You would learn about each emotion and its function of each. This would directly diminish your narcissistic behavior and thinking. You would develop advanced social skills for both personal and professional relationships. Your leadership and stress management skills would improve. You will build skills to better understand others and how to avoid unwanted reactions

My Approach to Treatment for Narcissism in Greenwood Village, CO

I intend to confront and challenge you regarding your behavior and thinking. I will teach you how each emotion plays a role in your life and the lives of others. You will develop emotional language to better communicate with others. I’ll help you recognize the behavior that causes others to distance themselves from you. Conflict resolution is important and together we’ll develop a system so you are no longer blamed for always having things your way. As you talk, I will point out the thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you unhappy. In the end, you will learn how to manage your behavior and thinking from now until forever.

Life After Treatment for Narcissism

A person offers a helping hand toward the camera. Contact a therapist for narcissism in Greenwood Village, CO to learn more about treatment for narcissism in Greenwood Village, CO. A therapist for narcissism in Greenwood Village, CO can offer support today. Imagine nobody calling you a narcissist. Having all of the quantity and high-quality friends you want. Building better intimate relationships comes easy. The criticism of others slides right off your back. You are calm, confident, and a person everyone wants to be around. You have confidence in yourself both at work and at home. Your family engages with you more often. Your spouse is proud to be married to you. 

Begin Treatment for Narcissism in Greenwood Village, CO

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Other Services Offered with Morning Coffee Counseling

Treatment for narcissism isn’t the only service offered by my Greenwood Village, CO-based practice. I’m happy to provide a variety of in-person and online services in support of your mental health. In addition, I also offer anxiety treatment, depression treatment, and emotional intelligence therapy. Please feel free to learn more by visiting my blog or about page today.

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