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Leadership is an integral part of any company. Regardless if your company is just starting out and the team is small, or if your company is large with various teams around the nation, leadership has the potential to tank the company or rocket into the atmosphere. Leaders are placed into important positions and with the important positions comes pressure to achieve results. The results cannot be achieved alone as leaders rely on the teams they oversee to aid in achieving specific goals. Continue reading to understand the results from poor leadership and when you are ready, call me for a free consultation.

Symptoms of Poor Leadership

High Turnover

High turnover is often a symptom of poor leadership. When you have poor relationships with your team, they will eventually leave to have a more desirable relationship with a different leader.  Every time there is an open position it costs the company money and each onboarding process comes at a cost as well. With poor leadership, you will see a revolving door of people coming into and leaving the company. There are various leadership styles that increase turnover and people inherently avoid certain types. Along with high turnover comes a lack of motivation which also impacts productivity.

Lack of Motivation in Employees

If you as a  leader are unable to motivate individuals to stay within the company, they will find a leader who will provide the motivating leadership desired. Individuals in a follower position want leadership. Leaders and followers are symbiotic relationships. They both need each other in order to function effectively and efficiently. It is your role as a leader to motivate and the role of the follower to become motivated. If you as a leader cannot effectively motivate the individuals on the team, they will not motivate themselves and will thus lack motivation to work, communicate, and stay within the company. The lack of motivation directly impacts their drive to produce good work and eventually lose the motivation to stay with the company.

Failure to Meet Goals

Since there is no motivation, the level of productivity declines as motivation declines. There is where employees begin to miss goals and produce low-quality to average quality work. If not corrected, the lack of motivation will have an impact on deadlines and desired goals. Instead of striving to produce the best quality work, individuals will simply go through the motions of completing work just for the sake of completion. You will see there is no drive or extra effort being made and the results will leave you wanting. This is a reflection of the leadership they want from you. This can cause you as the leader to have unwanted attention from others and hurt the companies future prospects.

Lack of Respect from Employees

Without respect for leadership, employees may go over your head with regard to problems or concerns. Another form of a lack of respect is a general lack of care or consideration from individuals regarding your position and the problems that it brings. You may find cliques forming as people have discreet huddles to simply talk poorly of their leader. Some may even try to intentionally cause problems for the sake of getting back at you. You might receive slow responses to your inquires or simply a lack of detail in their work and responses. The solution to all of these issues is to improve your leadership skills. By improving your leadership skills, you will find that you can gain respect, improve motivation, and more consistently achieve desired goals.

Five-Step Solution Process

Step 1: Book your first appointment. The majority of people do not make it this far. Once you complete this step, there are only 4 more to go!

Step 2: Understand your pain points. The first four sessions must be consecutive in order to fully understand your pain points. This will give you time to fully express your concerns and allow time to build rapport.

Step 3: Identify which skills and techniques you need to develop in order to move forward.

Step 4: This is where the hard work begins, taking action using the skills and techniques you have developed in order to move past your pain points.

Step 5: This final step occurs when you have moved past your pain points and are now looking forward to life. This is when planning and maintenance begin. In order to continue the forward movement, specific and detailed plans regarding effective use of the skills you have built will need to be laid out to encourage you to be self-sufficient.

How long will these 5 steps take? On average, clients go through this process in 3 to 6 months. Everyone is different so there is always room for more or less time as needed by each individual.


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