Is Telehealth for me?

Telehealth is increasing in popularity for all helping professionals. As with all things in technology, some people like the change while others do not. The purpose of this blog is to discuss the pros and cons of telehealth for therapy, but first, let me briefly explain what telehealth is. Telehealth, in a nutshell, is online video conference calls. Many offices and stay at home jobs have started to use software like Zoom and Skype for video conference calls to still communicate face to face despite the lack of physical proximity. Telehealth is the same concept with the focus being on medical and mental health.  Now that we have discussed what telehealth is, let’s move one to the pros and cons of using telehealth.


Accessibility. One of the advantages of being able to communicate with people who are miles away from you. Many people live in rural areas who have limited options in mental health services, telehealth alleviates this burden by being able to connect with people in two different cities regardless of distance. Accessibility is one of the biggest hurdles for many people struggling with mental health, but with telehealth that is one less barrier to getting on the path to a happier self.

Another pro is convenience. One of the barriers to getting in touch with a therapist is the lack of convenience. With the increasing demand our daily lives push on us, keeping appointments for your mental health becomes ever more challenging. Gas becomes more expensive, mortgage payments are not what they used to be, and our salaries rarely keep up with inflation. In order to keep up with the financial demand Americans must work more hours which means less time for ourselves. Telehealth allows the stay at home parents and the overworked American to conveniently keep their therapy appointment. You can stay in your comfortable clothes at home or find a quiet place at work during your lunch and not worry about anything else but clicking the link to start your session.


One major con is the reliance on technology. Telehealth is tech-based, which means if technology is not something you’re good at or a stable internet connection is not possible for you, telehealth will not work. Advancements in technology are often useful and add to easy living for many. But the downfall is how fragile technology is. Power outages, water, clumsy hands are all ways for technology to fail us.

For many, being in the same room with someone is important. It helps them feel connected, it helps some people focus on the conversation without popups from social media. Perhaps the safest place you can be yourself is your therapist’s office. Lots of people struggle with being connected to another person through a screen. Maybe you use technology too much and being in an office with another person is exactly what you need to be a happier you.


Telehealth is a tool that gives clients and therapists more options to connect. For some it helps keeps things convenient and accessible. For others, technology adds complexity and creates barriers to be connected to another person. Everyone is different and different people have different needs for therapy.

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