10 Ways to Increase Self-Awareness

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10 Ways to Increase Self-Awareness


There are a plethora of apps designed to help with self-awareness. For those who like to use technology for health purposes, this is a perfect method. You can set reminders, listen to different sounds to help you focus, and some monitor your breathing to help you slow down. 


Meditation has many health benefits. Both on a physical level and mental. Meditation helps to notice your thoughts and emotions and allows you space to gain control of them through meditation. There are many methods and techniques so there is a high probability that you will find one that works for you. 

#3 Journaling

Journaling is a great way to slow down and collect your thoughts. Writing things down takes time and focus. Due to this, journaling is a great way to build mindfulness as many of my clients end up noticing patterns about themselves through journaling. 

#4 Stay present

Many of us become caught up in worrying about the future. Self-awareness is about being aware of yourself in the present moment. Start catching yourself stressing about the future and practice being focused on the here and now. Nobody has a crystal ball to predict what will happen but your actions today impact your tomorrow. 

#5 Slow down

All of us are guilty of getting caught in the modern-day rat race. Attempting to get as much done as possible within the hours we are awake. Often the result is making mistakes and being forgetful of important things. Slow down and pay attention to what’s happening in the moment. 

#6 Practice being away from social media and emails

Social media is the bane of self-awareness. The more we engage in social media and emails the further away we get from ourselves. The emails and social media posts will not disappear if you do not look at them. 

#7 Stretch

Self-awareness also means being aware of your body. Your thoughts and emotions impact how your body behaves. Stretch several times a day to become more aware of your body. Be careful, there is a chance you will relieve stress through stretching.

#8 Take breaks and check-in

When you take time to stretch do not forget to check in with yourself. I often have my clients ask themselves a simple yet important question. The question is “How’s it going?” We often out of reflex ask this of others without caring for the answer. From now on pay attention to how you respond to yourself. 

#9 One task at a time

Would you rather give 10% of your brainpower on ten different tasks at once, or give 100% to one task ten times in a row? Which one do you believe will make more of a difference? If you give 100% on one task do not be surprised at how quickly you get the job done.  

#10 Practice self-acceptance

You are a human person. You are doing human people things like struggling, being confused, and having emotional reactions. When you reject or deny anything about yourself you are rejecting your own humanity. Practicing self-acceptance will help you acknowledge what parts of yourself you avoid. 

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