Tips for Talking to Your Therapist About Sex Therapy in Greenwood Village, Colorado

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How to Talk to Your Therapist About Sex Therapy in Greenwood Village, CO

Sex is an essential aspect for any person. In our American culture, where we are exposed to various topics and images that elude sex or sexuality, few of us ever have professional conversations regarding our sex lives. Let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with you if sex is important to you. Sex and intimacy being vital to you does not make you a sex addict. It is surprisingly normal to view sex as an important aspect of your life. Sex brings physical pleasure, connectivity to someone important, and general joy if done correctly. Conversations surrounding sex are something I believe should be more common in therapy.

You may wonder, how do I discuss this topic with my therapist? First off, take a deep breath and tell your therapist you have something important you want to talk about, but you feel uneasy about saying anything. This will signal to your therapist that what you’re about to say is challenging for you. 

Ask Questions about Sex TherapyClose Up Image of Hand Grabbing Bedsheets. Are you looking for sex therapy in greenwood village, CO? Or perhaps looking for an online therapy appointment with a kink aware therapist in greenwood village, CO? Here you can feel accepted and connect with others in a sex positive way.

Ask your therapist questions regarding the topic of sex. Things to cover is their perspective on discussions of sex. There is a possibility your sex therapist lacks the experience or training to even approach such conversations. Better yet, ask them if they have completed any training regarding discussions on sex. Trust me, most of my colleagues have not done a shred of research or training in this area.

Another question to bring up is their views on what unhealthy sex is. I’ll share my thoughts on unhealthy sex for you to have a comparison. Anything that is lacking in consent or individual agency to me is unhealthy. I’m totally fine with BDSM/Kink, consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, and individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. Not all therapists can say with a straight face they are open-minded to all of these topics. There are still therapists today who attempt to convince their clients that enjoying being tied up and spanked is a mental health disorder. 

Explore what area your therapist is not comfortable in. You could ask if you can bring up the topic of sex, and your therapist will say, “sure.” But if you later find out you engage in activities, your therapist finds bothersome or unwilling to hear you out, that is a terrible position. Everyone has their limits. Question your therapist about what their limit is in regard to discussing sex therapy. One therapist could be okay with BDSM but be unaccepting of consensual non-monogamy. 

Relaxing room with candles and pillows. Looking for somewhere to safety talk about your sexual anxiety in CO? You can talk with our kink aware therapist in Greenwood Village, Colorado without worry of judgement. We are here for you!Bring Up Your Sexual Anxiety & Concerns

Be honest about your sexual anxiety and concerns. Perhaps you fear being rejected or judged by your therapist. That is a normal reaction because your therapist is a human being first and a therapist second. If you’re doing your best to be vulnerable, then continue to do so by expressing your concerns. Sex is not an easy discussion to have, and there is nothing wrong with expressing concerns to your therapist. 

Do Research to Find a Kink Aware Therapist in Greenwood Village Ahead of Time

Not all therapists are built equally. If your therapist does not market as being comfortable with talking about sex, odds are they are not. I have dedicated an entire service page to marketing as a sex-positive therapist. I even listed all the topics and areas I’m happy to discuss with my clients. It’s extremely easy for me to set up these pages as I am proud to support sex therapy and all of my clients, whether they need a kink-aware therapist in Greenwood Village or a meeting for online sex anxiety therapy. Most directories have filters based on what areas a therapist is willing to discuss. If you are considering discussing sex with a therapist, research them and see if they even mention it on their own.

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One option is to discontinue services with your therapist. If talking about sex with your therapist is not helping, then you might as well save time and money and quit. There is no point in showing up to have uncomfortable conversations that provide useless results. You have better things to do with your time and money if you are unhappy with your quality of service.

Another option is to tell your therapist that you are dissatisfied with the conversations regarding your sex life. I encourage all of my clients to give me feedback. At times I ask for it. I want it to be normal to give me feedback. So, I’m here to help, but I’m not a mind reader, and I don’t always know what’s going on in the minds of the people I work with. So I make it a point to normalize telling myself when I suck at my job or when a client is happy with my therapeutic performance. Many of my colleagues are used to feedback and welcome it.

Lastly, you can ask for a referral. Not all therapists are built equal. Each one of us has our own unique skill set. You are in charge of your therapy, not your therapist. Therapy is for you and for you alone. Take ownership of your therapy and ask your current therapist if they have a referral for another person whose skills match what you need out of therapy. A good therapist will do whatever is within their power to help you obtain the resources you need as you need them. You deserve a professional with the skills, training, and knowledge to provide a therapeutic environment that leaves you feeling better. 


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