How can I tell I’ve found the right therapist in Greenwood Village, CO

Therapist in Greenwood Village, CO

How Can I tell I’ve Found the Right Therapist in Greenwood Village, CO?

Finding the right therapist in Greenwood Village can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider such as budget, personality, being understood by your therapist, clinical style, experience, scheduling, and sessions that are in-person or virtual. There is a growing need to find mental health treatment and the number of therapists is not increasing fast enough. Supply and demand are ever-growing issues. Thanks to the pandemic many therapists are blocked out for months at a time. This blog post is designed to help cut down search time by going over some of the most important factors for finding the right therapist in Greenwood Village, CO.

Therapist in Greenwood Village, Budget

One important factor in finding the right therapist in Greenwood Village is your budget. Do you need to use insurance? How many sessions do you want to schedule each month? How will you know you are getting what you pay for? What is the value of your mental health and how much are you willing to spend in total? Answering all of these questions is important when trying to choose a therapist. It is not an easy task and talking to your therapist about money might be challenging. If you are breaking the bank in getting help, then your stress levels won’t decrease. 


Therapist in Greenwood Village, Personality

Therapist in Greenwood Village, COTherapy is a human profession. It is important that the personality of your therapist in Greenwood Village is what you want. You are going to be sitting in front of another person and talking about very personal problems. Think of personality traits you cannot stand. Do you want your therapist to exhibit any of those traits during your sessions? 

Find a therapist in Greenwood Village that you get along with. This will make it easier for you to connect and open up. Take me for example, I am straight-froward and blunt. I do not sugar coat my words or beat around a bush. That type of personality is not for everyone. I speak very casually and use curse words when I talk. I have the mouth of a pirate with the mind of a scholar. If you are a person who cannot stand when people curse, you would hate to have me as a therapist. 

Different personalities communicate in different ways. I tend to use metaphors and analogies when I talk to help explain complex topics in mental health. If you dislike that style of speaking then I will often not make sense to you. The personality mix works both ways. I prefer people who are direct and honest. I get confused when people speak in circles to avoid an uncomfortable topic or truth. That confusion frustrates me and makes it harder for me to help. It is crucial that the personality of your therapist works well with your personality. 



Have you ever spoken to a friend or family member about a problem you have only to have them completely misunderstand what you are saying? I doubt that felt very good. You want your therapist in Greenwood Village to understand who you are and why you are struggling. This goes beyond professional experience. If you cannot understand your therapist or cannot be understood by your therapist, how far do you think you will go? Therapy is about communication which means being understood is crucial to your improvement. 


Therapist in Greenwood Village, Clinical Style

This topic is probably the most complex. Each therapist in Greenwood Village has their own clinical style which is derived from their clinical approaches and experiences. Think of a clinical approach as its own style. For example, I use Gestalt Psychotherapy and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. Each clinical approach is taught, supervised, studied, and practiced. To list just a few: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Humanistic, Existential, Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. These are only just a few that are out there and any of them can be mixed and matched. 

The reason why this information is important is that each clinical style has a focus. For example, Gestalt is focused on bringing awareness to the individual through dialogue. It emphasizes accountability and changes through awareness. In comparison to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which focuses on challenging the thoughts of the individual to create change. During the initial contact phase, ask your therapist about their clinical approach and determine if that fits your needs. 



Therapist in Greenwood Village, COExperience is key to your therapist being able to help you. You may not want to be the guinea pig for your therapist. There is nothing wrong with being the first. However, if you are needing the experience to expedite the process then inquire if the therapist in Greenwood Village you are considering has the experience that you would be comfortable with. Experience for therapists comes in many forms. There is direct contact which is providing therapy to an individual or couple regarding your very same concerns. Research is another way for a therapist to gain experience. Workshops, conferences, and seminars are another method. Each therapist goes through a supervision process and additional supervision is an option.


Therapist in Greenwood Village, Scheduling

Scheduling sessions can be complicated depending on your schedule and the openings of your chosen therapist in Greenwood Village. Particularly in private practice where each therapist sets their own schedule as they see fit. Questions to consider is what time you want sessions to start, what days work best for you, and how many sessions are you planning to have each month. I for example do not like early mornings because I am not a morning person. I’m not fully awake and struggle to focus early in the morning. I enjoy my weekends too much to give them up. I prefer to schedule weekly sessions with clients and turn therapy into a regular habit. You need to ask how the scheduling process works as some therapists have calendar links while others do not. 

Therapist in Greenwood Village, In-person vs Virtual

Therapist in Greenwood Village, COSome therapists in Greenwood Village only offer one or the other while some like me offer both. Sometimes there is a price difference. Certain issues only work for one or the other. Convenience and drive time is another factor. The upside of an in-person session with a therapist in Greenwood Village is that it is more private, it’s more personal, and the therapist has more to work with since they can see your entire body. The upside of virtual is that it is often easier to schedule, it is much more convenient, and some therapists charge less for virtual as they do not have to compensate for drive time and office space. 

In-person sessions are my personal favorite because I can easier read my client’s body language. It is also less distracting for both me and the client because I have more control over the environment. I find it easier to build rapport with in-person sessions. There is no chance of technical problems. In-person sessions are more private which might be important if you are wanting to get therapy in secret. 

Virtual sessions are always a great option because they are easier to schedule. As long as you have a quiet space for yourself then you can schedule a therapy call. I have seen client’s in closets, break rooms a work, cars, and walking around the park on a lunch break. Since I also work remotely at times I can easily schedule a virtual session in comparison to an in-person as I have to factor in commute time and traffic. Which is more important to you? Virtual, in-person, or a combination of both.

Final Thoughts

You know you have found the right therapist in Greenwood Village because all of your needs and wants line up. Your therapist has a rate that won’t break your bank. The scheduling process and options fit your lifestyle. Your therapist understands you and you understand your therapist. Personality wise your therapist will not remind you of your insufferable boss at work or your annoying neighbor. You both get along well and it is easy to open up to your therapist. Scheduling the type of session you need, between in-person or virtual appointments, is simple and straightforward. You are able to get the type of session you desire without having to wait months on a waitlist or hoping someone else will cancel so you can have a session. When all these things line up, you know you found the right therapist. 

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