Don’t Want to Live, Don’t Want to Die

Don't Want to Live, Don't Want to Die

Don’t Want to Live, Don’t Want to Die

People often come to me with feelings of depression. Be it depressing thoughts, isolating behavior, uncontrollable crying, and so on. Many times the discussion goes onto the topic of suicide. It is part of what I do to assess if an individual is currently at risk. What I have learned is that many people are confused. Confused about their thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Oftentimes, what I see is internal conflict. 

Internal conflict

The reason behind the internal conflict is quite simple. Your body and brain are naturally designed to do anything to continue living. Your brain and body are also naturally designed to minimize suffering and damage. This is why being in a state of depression can be so conflicting. One part of you wants to keep living while the other part wants the pain to go away. Eventually, your brain becomes desperate and starts seeking desperately to figure everything out. When you become desperate, you become conflicted. You desperately want to live but also desperately want to end your own suffering. 

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The Difference Between Wanting to Live a Different Life and Wanting to End Your Life

What I’ve seen is many people are confused if they want to die. I’ve noticed that most people wish their life was different. That their life is not worth living but they still want to live. Others are completely done and truly wish they would stop waking up. They want to stop breathing and have no desire to wake up the next day. 

When you are depressed you are missing something from your life. This goes on long enough and you stop believing your life will ever change. When this occurs you begin to wish your current life would stop. This is the point of confusion. Are you wishing you were someone else or do you wish you would stop breathing? More often than not, you wish your life would stop being so painful. You do not wish to stop breathing, you just wish everything was different. It is not that you want to die, but often you do not like the life you are living. The life you have is not worth suffering for, but you do not know how to change your circumstances. This is the one major key difference I assess when speaking to an individual who is experiencing depression. 

If you are past the point of wanting to live. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at  1-800-273-8255 or click for more information. Avoid hesitating and seek professional help.

Learn more about depression treatment by clicking here.

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