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Depression Treatment in Greenwood Village

Depression inhibits your ability to achieve your goals. Depression can cause you to sleep too much or sleep too little, decreasing the energy you need for life. Depression can also motivate you to cope in unhealthy ways such as substance use which can lead to other problems. The general lack of joy in life can also cause you to become more irritable and difficult to work with both your professional life and personal. Continue to understand if depression treatment is right for you.

Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression are often ignored or unacknowledged. Many downplay their feelings only to risk becoming depressed. There is a social stigma of needing to be strong and not show signs of weakness. This leads to you suffering in silence. The silent suffering increases unwanted thoughts and feelings. Feelings such as sadness, anxiety, and anger. With awareness regarding depression, important steps can be considered with regard to help or treatment. If you are considering if you are depressed, you’ve luckily found my service page regarding symptoms of depression and how depression treatment will help.

Depression Treatment and Sleep

Depression can impact sleeping habits usually in one of two ways. Sleeping too much or not sleeping enough. The reason why depression causes a lack of sleep is that your brain is too busy thinking about your life to turn off. Not sleeping enough makes it difficult to deal with your emotions. This can directly cause depression to worsen. Dealing with difficult emotions requires energy. Without the energy from lack of sleep, your depression can worsen. 

Sleeping more than normal is another symptom of depression. As I mentioned above, dealing with difficult emotions requires energy. When dealing with depression throughout most of the day, you become exhausted. This exhaustion impacts how much time your body needs to re-energize. Therefore, you sleep for longer periods of time or take naps throughout the day to compensate. The challenge with sleeping too much comes from depression typically not going away on its own. Getting rid of your depression requires conscious effort. Depression treatment will help you address your sleep routine.

  Depression Treatment and Lack of Pleasure

This comes from feeling so unhappy that there is seemingly no pleasure from any activity. When this occurs it often results in you engaging less in pleasurable activities. This makes sense because there is no reward sensation. People will repeat things that feel pleasurable. Without the pleasure, it is seemingly pointless to repeat an activity. The lack of pleasurable activities can increase symptoms of depression since engaging in enjoyable activities is one way to fight sadness. At this stage, you may feel that you are just going through the motions. This is normal and it is important to continue anyway as doing nothing will not help either. Even if you feel only ten percent of happiness from an activity that you normally enjoy, it is worth doing. Would you rather have ten percent of something or a hundred percent of nothing?

Escapist Behavior

Making attempts to escape your emotions is a normal reaction to dealing with uncomfortable feelings. It is one of several symptoms of depression in men regarding behavior. You will attempt to escape by spending more time at work, the gym, or sports. By escaping you will not have to deal with your depression. The downside of this behavior is that the depression will not go away and other aspects of life begin to be ignored. I have often heard from clients or people referring me to someone they know that the primary concern is a husband not being around anymore. By working longer hours to avoid your depression, the family unit becomes ignored and eventually can become unstable. More fights between partners, children acting out for attention, and sometimes divorce are the result of trying to escape. By trying to solve the problem with avoidance, you create another problem which then adds to your depression. 

Depression Treatment and Substance use

An important symptom of depression in men is substance use. This coincides with avoidant or escapist behavior. Substance use when concerning emotions is often used to numb out unwanted feelings or thoughts. Men dealing with unaddressed depression will sometimes increase their substance use as a method of coping. There are two things that come to mind with this topic. One is that the depression is not being addressed and therefore will not go away on its own. So the stronger the depression the more it takes to avoid the emotion. The second issue with this strategy is the risk of addiction. Your body will eventually raise its tolerance for your substance of choice. At this point, you will require a higher dose to achieve the same sensation. When this occurs you continually repeat the process of increasing your dose over longer periods of time and eventually, you have another problem, addiction.

Life After Counseling

Imagine feeling excited to wake up every day. Think of how it would feel to find joy in your hobbies, friends, and family. Instead of trying to escape your life, all you want to do is live your life to the fullest every day. Without the daily struggle of fighting your depression and anger, you have more clarity of all the reasons you have to be happy. By moving through your depression, you create space for joy and happiness with each breath you take.

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