Mental Health and Leadership

Mental Health and Leadership

Mental Health and Leadership Proper mental health and proper leadership are two different skill sets. When combined, they create powerful, motivating, and effective leaders. Many of today's leaders do not understand the interplay between good mental health and good leadership. It is extremely difficult to be an effective leader when your mental health is suffering. The lack of mental health...[ read more ]

Why You’re Being Micromanaged

Why You're Being Micromanaged Just about everyone has experienced being micromanaged. I have helped people both the person being micromanaged and helped the micromanaging boss. What many do not know is that often, the micromanaging boss is often, but not always, being micromanaged themselves. Let us begin by defining the term micromanage. Your micromanaging boss is giving you excessive attention...[ read more ]

5 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day

5 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day More and more people are joining the trend of taking mental health days. Companies are slowly joining this trend too and are updating company policies to allow for use of mental health days. In today's modern society, it is more important than ever to fight stress as studies have shown stress can...[ read more ]

7 Signs Your Husband is Type-A

7 Signs Your Husband is Type A All of my male clients have been "wife mandated" into my office. That is right, 100% of my clients were referred to me by their wives. Either there is a current threat to the relationship or the relationship ended and he wants to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. The reasons...[ read more ]

First Therapy Session, What to Talk About

First Therapy Session, What to Talk About So you are about to have your first therapy session and you realize you do not know what to talk about. Do you let the therapist just ask you questions? Do you start by asking questions? What questions should be asked and by who? Before you know it, you are in the chair...[ read more ]

Therapist Near Me

Therapist Near Me So here you are looking for a counselor/therapist. Did googling Counseling near me give you what you want? If you are still reading then you are looking for extra help to make the right choice. Luckily you found this post to get expert insight from a mental health professional. Congratulations on taking the first step as most...[ read more ]

Parallels of Mental Health and Physical Fitness

Mental Health

The Parallels of Mental Health and Physical Fitness Mental health draws various parallels from physical exercise. Emotions are one of the muscles that need exercise to have good mental fitness. What I mean by mental fitness is your ability to handle unwanted emotions in a healthy and positive manner. Another aspect of mental health is making consistent gains. Physical trainers...[ read more ]

Signs That Say Your Therapist Sucks Part 2: Rescuing

          I wanted to start this blog by addressing a point that I did not discuss in Part 1 of this series. Therapists make mistakes which is different from a therapist being bad at their craft. No therapist is perfect and mistakes will be made regardless of experience. The key difference between a therapist making mistakes...[ read more ]

Signs That Say Your Therapist Sucks Part I: Giving Advice

Since starting my journey to become a therapist I have been confronted with a repeating question. A question I have often asked myself and now that I tell people I am a therapist; I have noticed not enough people know the answer to this question. What are the signs of a bad therapist? For some reason, when someone holds a...[ read more ]

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