Results of Dating A Narcissist: Thoughts From a Narcissism Therapist

Results of dating a narcissist

Results of Dating A Narcissist Many people do not understand the negative results of dating a narcissist. The trauma and the changes in your thinking, as well as behavior, can be long-lasting. Changes such as how you view yourself, your ability to trust yourself and others, your expectations, and many other changes may last years. These changes will impact how...[ read more ]

Get To Know Yourself

Get to know yourself

Get To Know Yourself One of the many things people obtain through counseling is self-awareness. Knowing yourself to completion. Knowing how you will react, think, and behave in any situation before it occurs. Know what times of situations you can handle and which of those require help. Know which types of jobs are for you. You can even discover what...[ read more ]

Don’t Want to Live, Don’t Want to Die

Don't Want to Live, Don't Want to Die

Don't Want to Live, Don't Want to Die People often come to me with feelings of depression. Be it depressing thoughts, isolating behavior, uncontrollable crying, and so on. Many times the discussion goes onto the topic of suicide. It is part of what I do to assess if an individual is currently at risk. What I have learned is that...[ read more ]

Emotional Intelligence Will Improve Your Marriage

Emotional Intelligence Will Improve Your Marriage

Emotional Intelligence Will Improve Your Marriage  Many of my male clients come to me because they fear their marriage is ending. Others find me because they did not see the warning signs of a failed marriage before it was too late. The end goal regardless of what the motivation is is to not repeat the same mistakes moving forward. Every...[ read more ]

The Function of Emotions


The Function of Emotions One of my favorite topics of conversation regarding emotional intelligence is educating my clients on the function of the 4 major emotions. When you look into other sources regarding building and utilizing your emotional intelligence, rarely do you learn about why you have emotions in the first place. Many coaches, professionals, bloggers, and vloggers will not...[ read more ]

5 Ways to Increase Empathy


5 Ways to Increase Empathy Empathy is one of the critical components of building emotional intelligence. Through empathy, you will be able to connect with others, understand their perspectives, improve communication, and avoid conflict. Below are the 5 ways I like to build empathy in my clients. Before we discuss how to build empathy, allow me to make sure you...[ read more ]

Why Emotional Intelligence Increases Your Social Skills

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Active listening As you build your emotional intelligence you learn how to listen better. You start by learning to actively listen to your body and your emotions. After you master listening to yourself you turn those skills towards people in your environment. Friends, family, and people at work. Active listening allows you to hear what is not being said. This...[ read more ]

5 Steps to Increase Self-Regulation

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Self-awareness Self-awareness is crucial to improving your ability to regulate your emotions. You cannot regulate things you are not aware of so the first step in self-regulation is to build your awareness. In a previous blog post, I discussed 10 ways to increase your awareness. If you have not read that blog then that is where you should start in...[ read more ]

10 Ways to Increase Self-Awareness

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10 Ways to Increase Self-Awareness #1Apps There are a plethora of apps designed to help with self-awareness. For those who like to use technology for health purposes, this is a perfect method. You can set reminders, listen to different sounds to help you focus, and some monitor your breathing to help you slow down.  #2Meditate Meditation has many health benefits....[ read more ]

Understanding the 5 domains of Emotional Intelligence

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Understanding the 5 domains of Emotional Intelligence I love helping others build their emotional intelligence and solve problems. I also feel rewarded in developing my own emotional intelligence. I notice the difference in others when they have spent time developing the 5 domains of emotional intelligence. In order to start building your EI, you first have to understand what I...[ read more ]

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