Do I Need Anger Management Therapy?

Angry male yelling on phone. Minimize anger with a therapist for anger issues near Greewood Village, CO. Learn more about how anger management therapy in greenwood village, co can help you

Anger Management Therapy, Do I Need it?

Anger management therapy could be for you. If you are looking for answers as to if you need help then you have come to the right place. This blog will cover most of the symptoms of anger control issues. Issues such as explosive moments, regret, inward anger, and passive-aggressive behavior to name a few. If at the end of this blog you feel that you need help with anger management, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me

Anger Management Therapy for Explosive moments

The biggest indicator of a need for anger management therapy is explosive anger. It often seems like you go from zero to a hundred in no time at all. You explode and to most people around you, it came out of nowhere. All of your anger comes out all at once leading to unhealthy behavior and emotional damage to yourself and others around you. You can go from a normal volume to screaming and yelling. You notice people around you walk on eggshells to avoid setting you off because they fear another explosive reaction out of you. Plenty of plans involve thinking about how to best avoid your anger, be it a trip with the family to the local zoo or seeing the in-laws over the holidays. 

Frequent Regret for What you did or Said

You look back at your behavior and feel regret, shame, and guilt. This is  Caucasian man in business attire yelling. therapy for anger management in greenwood village, co can help you with coping skills. Learn more about how an anger management therapist in greenwood village, co can help you common in people who could benefit from anger management therapy. Perhaps you have said hurtful things to your spouse and the last conversation fills you with unwanted thoughts and feelings. Since you struggle to control your anger you fear this pattern of behavior will continue until you reach a point of no return. Anger management therapy is designed to discontinue these types of moments.

Little Things Set You Off

Your anger does not seem appropriate to the situation. Even if what triggers your anger is something that in hindsight is small, you became angry all the same. This is another sign that anger management therapy is for you. Perhaps you randomly become explosive at little things at random times. Maybe you have young children and that 53rd question is the one that finally gets to you. Do you look back at your anger and feel confused? Do you struggle to understand why question 53 set you off but not number 52? Is it your boss at work who behaves the same way every day but one day you just couldn’t take it? Perhaps it was getting stuck at the traffic light that set you off on the way home. These thoughts are just more evidence that you’re a good candidate for therapy.

Always Angry

Another symptom that indicates a need for anger management therapy is always being agitated or angry. You might feel that your anger is constantly at a low boiling temperature. You feel on edge most of the time. Maybe you are just waiting for the next trigger to your anger. No matter what you do you generally feel annoyed, agitated, or even angry. Being alone does not help, exercise is not enough, and alcohol just makes things worse. Regardless of where you are or what your doing, your anger is like a cloud hanging above your head. 

Inward Anger

Anger management therapy can decrease the amount of anger you turn inwards toward yourself. Self-loathing is a form of anger issue and often leads to other mental health concerns such as depression. Symptoms of inward anger include but are not limited to, negative self-talk, critical judgment of the self, self-punishment, rejection, and self-sabotage. Do you physically or mentally punish yourself to avoid hurting others? Is your inner voice often critical and demeaning? How many times do you say nice things about yourself either out loud or in your head?Angry male in the driver seat of his car. Minimize anger with a therapist for anger issues near Greewood Village, CO. Learn more about how anger management therapy in greenwood village, co can help you

Passive Aggressive

Maybe you’re the type of person who does not explode. Perhaps you get your anger out in different ways. Being passive-aggressive is another opportunity for anger management therapy. Doing small things consistently to get back at people is indeed a form of anger. Some examples are being resentful, resisting cooperating, having a cynical attitude, and frequent complaints. If you have a habit of ghosting people or giving the silent treatment when you’re angry, that is an indicator of passive-aggressive behavior. Getting subtle digs into other people and being sarcastic are other indicators of anger issues. 

Substance Use

Chronic anger can lead to substance use as a tool for coping. If you have noticed you’re consuming more alcohol, prescription medication, or cannabis, it is a sign you could benefit from anger management therapy. Struggling with anger issues can often feel hopeless and never-ending. Using substance use as a way to calm down is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. As you build a tolerance to the drug of choice, eventually if you do not resolve your anger, you can begin the slippery slope of needing to consume drugs in higher quantities. By engaging in therapy before this behavior causes more problems you’ll have one less problem to worry about. 

Often Blame Others

Another area anger management therapy can help is taking accountability for your actions and words. Blaming others frequently is another indicator that therapy could help you. Eventually, when you consistently blame others for your anger, people will begin to withdraw from you. This will leave you feeling isolated and possibly depressed. It is possible to have your marriage deteriorate due to his behavior. Should this happen it will be not only emotionally damaging but also costly to begin the divorce process. Couple sitting on the couch and male is yelling at the female . online therapy in colorado can help you manage your anger. therapist for anger issues near Greenwood village, CO can support you.

Stay Angry For A Long Time

Have you noticed once you are angry and it takes hours and sometimes days to stop feeling angry? Anger management therapy is perfect for these types of problems. Therapy can give you skills, tools, and knowledge to shorten this process to only 30 seconds. Feeling angry for extended periods of time is not only damaging your social relationships but also your body. Stress from anger is can cause various other concerns such as lack of sleep, a poor immune system, and headaches to name a few. You can avoid adding more to your plate by shortening the time you spend being angry. 

When do I Know I Need Anger Management Therapy?

One way to know is when you do know what else to do. When you are tired of feeling angry and you’re at a loss. Have you done enough damage to people you care about, have you burned enough bridges leaving you isolated or alone? Perhaps you are on a destructive path and know if you do not change things will end poorly for you in life. Are people around you fearful of your next anger episode? Do you need any more comments or remarks regarding your anger? Do I need to give you any more signs that anger management therapy will help you?

Legal or Family  Reasons to Begin Anger Management Therapy

The final reason to begin anger management therapy is that you have been legally obligated to. Dealing with domestic violence and you have no more options? Have you hurt people or family past the point of no return and you fear what is next? Anger management can help state your case with legal matters and help you turn your behavior around. If your anger has gotten out of control and you find yourself in this situation that is another indication that anger management therapy can help you. 

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