Addressing the Holiday Anxiety of Introducing Your Partner

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A Greenwood Village, CO Therapist Explains How to Handle Holiday Anxiety 

To address your holiday anxiety about introducing your partner, you must first understand why therapy for anxiety exists. Anxiety is an emotion that reminds you that you are not fully equipped for the situation at hand. Think of when you first learned to drive. You were not equipped with all the skills and knowledge of driving to feel confident in yourself. By putting time into learning how to drive you eventually equipped yourself and no longer feel anxious. Another critical factor in understanding anxiety is there are three things you fear. Those three things are: failure, loss, and rejection. 

Failure and Anxiety

When dealing with the anxiety of failure, it is best to process all your thoughts. In terms of introducing your partner, how would you define failure? Is it your family not liking your partner? Is your partner not liking your family? Are you simply trying to avoid any awkward silences? Explain to yourself and your partner what failure would look like in this situation. This will give you a chance to get your worries off your chest and allow you to hear yourself out loud. Frequently our fears are unrealistic and talking about them will allow you to possibly realize there is nothing to worry about.

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Anxiety About Loss 

Process what you are scared to lose. Will you lose the relationship with your partner? Perhaps your family will stop speaking to you due to your dating preferences. An excellent way to overcome loss is to let your brain go there and address dating anxiety. For example, let’s say you are scared to lose your partner. What happens next? You go through a breakup, grieve, eventually feel normal again, then try again with another person. You’ll still keep your job, your family, and your friends. I often see the loss they fear to experience in my clients rarely profoundly impacts their lives. 

Rejection Fueling Anxiety

Rejection is handled the same way as failure and loss. Process all your thoughts and feelings. First, define the rejection you are concerned about. Worries you will be rejected, your partner will be rejected, or do you fear your family being rejected? Once you define the rejection you are trying to avoid, build your confidence by processing the next steps after the rejection occurs. How will your life be permanently different?

Prepare for the Family Encounter

Another way to address your anxiety is to do prep work. Remember that anxiety exists as a reminder that you are not fully equipped for the task at hand. In the past, I had done this myself when my now-wife first met my family. I told her my family dynamic, Told her about my siblings and their likes and dislikes, and coached her on the type of things my parents like to see. For example, a therapist for anxiety may help you describe the type of conversations your family likes to have. This can be done by preparing your partner to meet your family. This is a healthy and safe way to prepare yourself. 

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Grounding Techniques for Anxiety

Dating Anxiety tends to escalate if not interrupted. Grounding techniques are a great way to stop your anxiety from becoming a speeding train into Panic Town. One grounding technique I really enjoy is a breathing exercise. It’s called the 4-6-2 breathing method. You inhale for a count of 4 seconds, then exhale for a count of 6 seconds, then hold your breath for a count of 2 seconds, then rinse and repeat a minimum of 3 times. It takes roughly 30 seconds, slowing your brain down, stopping your heart from racing, and allowing you to think clearly.

Don’t Catastrophize

Avoid letting yourself obsess over the worst-case scenario. Often, the worst-case scenario is unrealistic or extremely unlikely. You might make mountains out of molehills by allowing your brain to run off without you. Engage in a breathing exercise and stop letting your brain create problems that do not exist. Focus on the task at hand and do your best to prepare yourself for the introductions. 

Pick a Fun Place to Meet Everyone

I often use humor during my sessions because people are their most confident selves when they are enjoying themselves. When you engage in fun activities, you focus more on your sense of joy than your worries. Your partner, your family, and you will all be better off by picking a fun activity. People love having fun more than having unwanted thoughts or feelings. Having fun feels good, and when you feel good, you are more confident. 

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Make the change only when you’re ready!

Lastly, only have the introduction when you feel ready. Pushing yourself into a situation, you do not want to have will probably turn your fears into reality. Maintain your boundaries and accept that you will be ready when you are ready. There does not need to be a time frame or deadlines if you do not want them. Stay true to yourself and introduce your partner when you dam well, please. 

Speak with a Greenwood Village, CO Therapist about Holiday Anxiety

Holiday Anxiety can be difficult to work through alone. But, with the help of therapy for anxiety, you can begin to take control of your holiday anxiety and feel better. At Morning Coffee Counseling LLCI am here to help you work through your social anxiety. I offer online therapy and In-Person Counseling for those in the Greenwood Village, CO area. If you are ready to begin therapy for holiday anxiety with me:

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