Managing Anxiety in Greenwood Village, Colorado: A Trauma Induced Anxiety Therapist Shares Tips for the New Year

Addressing Anxiety in the New Year

Managing Trauma Induced Anxiety in the New Year

The New Year is coming around, and many of my clients are bringing up important discussions regarding managing anxiety in Greenwood Village, Colorado. It makes sense, as they plan to be a new person in 2023. No more trauma-induced anxiety, no more depression, no more excuses this time. How could they not be anxious with all of those big plans? My response to my clients bringing up their holiday trauma-induced anxieties? Stop with the bullshit resolutions!  


Be More AcceptingNew Years Hat and Accessories signifying new beginnings. Finally address those trauma induced anxiety regarding the New Year expectations. Managing Anxiety in Greenwood Village, Colorado can support you setting realistic, achievable goals to be proud of.

I first notice how judgemental you can be when you make New Year’s resolutions. You judge yourself for not coming through on this year’s resolutions. This is one of the many problems I tackle for individuals like yourself. I often explain to others acceptance is the tool you use to move forward. If you are trying to create change in your life, you need acceptance. Think of acceptance like a car. Its purpose is to get you from point A to point B. Once you accept yourself, you can begin to address the real reasons why you did not complete this year’s resolutions. 

No more Resolutions

Image of Calendar showing "Resolutions, Diet, Gym" representing managing anxiety in the New Year. Find relieve from the trauma induced anxiety that the New Year brings with anxiety management therapy in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

As I said before, resolutions are bullshit. What matters more is how you intend to complete your goals. How often have you said you will complete X goal or achieve Y achievement to end up doing nothing? That’s because your process is not designed to complete goals. When you obsess over the goals, you lose sight of how you will get there. When completing my Counseling degree, I was not focused on my graduation date. I was only focused on being the best student I can be. Creating healthy routines for my mental health to avoid burnout. Learning more about time management. Setting up a study room in my home. All of those processes are why I completed my degree. I focused on what I could do each day to get one step closer.


Plan for Small changes

Many resolutions are unrealistic. I often hear my clients say they will drop 50 pounds in one year. That task is so daunting it creates more anxiety and causes procrastination. Next thing you know, it’s June, and you have not dropped a single pound. Building confidence in your goals is much easier when you keep them small. I say make your goals more attainable by scaling back. Start with 10 pounds. Create a realistic workout routine. Make losing weight fun instead of just another job.


The best way to reduce anxiety is to engage in self-care. That means being flexible with yourself. Allow yourself time to relax and enjoy life. Do nice things for yourself. Have more positive thoughts. Engage in more positive activities. Go do the things that make you smile. Find positive people who have optimistic tendencies and be around them more. The more you engage in self-care, the less anxiety you will have.

Talk to a Therapist

Last but not least, talk to a therapist about your anxiety. I do this every year with my clients. We make plans, set goals, develop a realistic routine, and process any and all anxious thoughts. I know I am biased in this section, but I’ve seen the benefit of talking to a professional about New Year anxiety. Many of my clients finish their resolutions before the snow melts and are left with nothing but confidence in going even further. 

Begin Trauma Induced Anxiety Treatment in Greenwood Village, CO

Learning to cope with anxiety symptoms takes time, commitment, and the proper support. I would be honored to offer this support from my Greenwood Village, CO-based therapy practice. Feel free to book your first appointment to learn valuable coping skills and achieve peace of mind. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

2. Learn more about dealing with holiday trauma anxiety treatment 
3. Start feeling better! 

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