7 Signs Your Husband is Type-A

7 Signs Your Husband is Type A

All of my male clients have been “wife mandated” into my office. That is right, 100% of my clients were referred to me by their wives. Either there is a current threat to the relationship or the relationship ended and he wants to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. The reasons are various but all the women who referred their husbands to me have one thing in common. Their husbands are high-achieving men, otherwise known as, Type A personalities. Now, this is not to say that Type A men are all in need of serious help. Many would not benefit from counseling. The difference between the men in my office who are driving their wives nuts and those who do not need counseling comes down to one simple skill, self-awareness. I myself have a Type A personality which is surprising considering I am a mental health professional. I do not seem uptight, irritable, or emotionally unavailable. At least I am not anymore. Counseling has given me self-awareness, along with the encouragement of my wife, to understand my strengths and weaknesses and how my Type A traits impact others. At the end of this blog, you will be able to determine if your husband has Type A personality traits and whether or not he will be the next “wife mandated” guy I meet.Impatient

Type A Sign #1: Impatient

High-achieving men are inherently impatient. Type A’s are always trying to accomplish a lot in a little amount of time. So your husband puts a lot of value on his time. With so much to do and so little time to do it all, every minute counts. Time is very important to your husband and wasting a precious resource such as time is unacceptable. Your husband is more likely to spend extra money to avoid lines just to save on time. If he feels that time is being wasted he is likely to become annoyed and sometimes angry at the situation.

Type A Sign #2: Perfectionist

Your husband, being the high-achieving man that he is, produces on a regular and consistent basis high-quality results. Another marker of Type A personality is perfectionism. Every detail regardless of how small has to be just right. The work is not done and cannot be submitted or completed until everything is perfect. Perfectionism also walks hand-in-hand with anxiety as the motivation for perfection is fear of failure.

Type A Sign #3: Urgency

This Type A sign ties back into Sign #1. Almost everything is urgent as there is little time to get everything done. Your husband often if not always seems in a rush. One of the comments I hear from men in my office is “My wife wishes I would slow down more.” Due to a lack of patience and a near-constant sense of urgency, your husband is always on the go. Day or night weekday or weekend, there is much to do and everything is seemingly important. Even if it isn’t.

Sign #4: Emotionally Unavailable

This is one of the most common reasons why wives mandate their husbands in my direction. Type A men are highly developed with the part of the brain that governs logical thinking. Your husband is the type of guy who leaves his emotions at the door when it comes to making decisions. This trait is understandable with regard to business, strategies, and mathematics. He solves his problem with his best skill set, logic. So when problems arise on an emotional level, logic is his go-to move. He analyzes the best possible solution based on what is and is not logical and dives head in. He is quick to make decisions this way, leaving the emotions of others unaddressed.


Sign #5: Lack of Acceptance

Your Type A husband lacks tolerance for perceived incompetence. Due to everything being urgent, important, and needing perfection, there is little to no room for errors or accidents. Even if the mistake was an honest mistake, he cannot tolerate any unforeseen problems. He expects a lot of himself and thus places high expectations on everyone and everything around him. His lack of acceptance for others feeds into his anger making him seem unapproachable and sometimes hostile.

Sign #6: Poor Sleep Schedule

High-achieving men commonly have a poor sleep schedule. What I mean by this is inconsistent sleep routine or lacking quality hours. Due to Type A men being workaholics (another sign) they work long hours each day. Even if your husband is not at work, he is probably thinking about work and might as well be there anyway as he is too preoccupied to be in the present moment. So either they are at work for long hours into the night or early in the morning, or they are thinking about work instead of counting sheep. Regardless of the method or the reasoning, the result is the same, an unhealthy sleep routine.

Sign #7: Preoccupied

Type A men are doing so many things at once they become preoccupied in their own heads. They struggle to acknowledge how their behavior impacts others both at work and at home. Lacking patience and usually feeling urgent leads them to be irritable. They become stressed and anxious, and their anger causes aggressive behavior either physically or emotionally and sometimes both. In my experience, aggressive behavior is rarely intentional even though it comes across that way. It stems from not knowing how to deal with unwanted thoughts and feelings in a healthy and positive manner.

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