5 Tips for Overcoming Dating Anxiety

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5 Tips for Overcoming Dating Anxiety from a Therapist in Greenwood Village, CO

Dating in modern society is a dating anxiety-producing game. Do you reach out first? What should you say, are attractive enough to date are just some of the mental gymnastics I hear my clients say. You might not feel any decision you make will be the right one. Maybe you have a history of painful failed relationships and can no longer tell who is the right person to date. The purpose of this article is to give you tips to help you become more confident in yourself so your dating experience can be easier. I am a therapist, so I am able to write about therapy for anxiety.

Establish Values and needs

A couple on a date in winter clothing walking together. Dealing with dating anxiety? Therapists in Greenwood Village, CO are here to help you understand how to overcome your worries! Call now!How often have you sat with yourself and established your values and needs? This will reduce your anxiety because you’ll have an easier time vocalizing who you are and what you need. By vocalizing what you need on your dates, you can let the other person determine if they even want to meet that need or if there are shared values. Is the person across from you willing to support you in meeting your needs? Will they accept your values, and do they understand you? If you highly value religion and your date does not, you might not be a good fit together if religion is essential to you. Perhaps you are an introvert and need time each day to be isolated to recharge. If your date hates that behavior time, it’s better you find out early and avoid another problematic break-up.

Set clear boundaries for dating

As a therapist in Greenwood Village, CO, I often help individuals set boundaries. People have a misconception that boundaries are for other people not to cross. My perspective is different in that boundaries are when you as the individual say no to yourself. No, I will not this person take advantage of me. No, I will not submit myself to any more of their bullshit, or no I will not let myself hook up on the first date. Boundaries keep you true to yourself and are an excellent way to keep yourself safe. Explore what boundaries you want to verbalize before you go on date and prepare yourself to vocalize them. 

Improve mindfulness to manage anxiety

By improving your mindfulness, you can be more aware of yourself. You can notice how the date impacts your emotions. You can recognize if you are letting yourself cross essential boundaries. Mindfulness allows you to have better control over your emotions so you’ll come across as calmer and more collected. It will also stop you from letting your emotions get the best of you so you can make important decisions with a cool head. 

Practice acceptance to combat dating anxiety

A man and woman eating a meal together. If you'd like to overcome your dating anxiety, reach out to therapists in Greenwood Village, CO today!

Dating can be scary because of the three things we fear as humans. Failure, loss, and rejection. Often times as a therapist in Greenwood, CO, I  see people change their behavior to avoid being rejected. Creating inauthentic relationships. This lack of authenticity creates stress, and the only solution is to be more honest. Imagine having enough self-acceptance that no amount of rejection bothers you. When you learn to accept yourself, you remove your need to gain acceptance from others. 


Understand vulnerability and how it contributes to anxiety

Learning to be vulnerable is hard. You rarely feel you are disclosing the right information to the right person at the right time for the right reasons. Understandably, learning to be vulnerable is like driving a car. At first, you feel overwhelmed, and there is much information to process. Just like learning to drive a car, you’ll make minor mistakes. Take each mistake as an opportunity to learn about yourself. Eventually, with enough time and effort, you become comfortable driving. Learn to be vulnerable like you learned to drive a car, swim, or even ride a bicycle. Accept the minor mistakes and keep going anyway. 


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Don’t let yourself catastrophize…anxiety loves this

I see this often in which there is catastrophic thinking. “If this date doesn’t work out I’ll never find anyone,” or “If this person rejects me, I’ll never find someone who accepts me.” This thinking creates more anxiety and stress. Learn to be mindful and interrupt this thinking by thinking the opposite. Tell yourself despite rejection you’ll find acceptance. Realize one rejection or one lousy time does not define your romantic life. Slow yourself down and create boundaries around this type of thinking. If you need support with this, then talking in therapy can help. I offer support as a therapist in Greenwood Village, CO.

Begin Therapy for Dating Anxiety in Greenwood Village, CO

Dating Anxiety can be difficult to work through alone. But, with the help of an anxiety therapist in Greenwood, CO, you can begin to take control of your anxiety and feel better. At Morning Coffee Counseling LLCI am here to help you work through your dating anxiety. I offer online therapy for those in the Greenwood Village, CO area. If you are ready to begin online therapy for dating anxiety with me:

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