5 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day

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5 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day

More and more people are joining the trend of taking mental health days. Companies are slowly joining this trend too and are updating company policies to allow for use of mental health days. In today’s modern society, it is more important than ever to fight stress as studies have shown stress can have various harmful side effects on the human body. In this blog post, I will cover some of the signs that you need a mental health day, define what a mental health day is, and lastly briefly give you some ideas of what to do during your mental health day.

What is a Mental Health Day?

I define a mental health day as a day just for yourself. The goal is to be selfish for the day and focus on what you want out of the day or address personal needs that have been ignored. Maybe you have a home project that has been nagging at you or perhaps you just need a day to sleep in and get your sleep schedule back on track. You could even need to binge Netflix for a day and forget that your life is not perfect. The goal is to think of yourself for the day and sometimes multiple days and focus on your personal needs and wants. Let’s begin to look at the 5 signs I’ve noticed in my work in mental health as a signal that you need a mental health day.

Sign #1 Exhausted

The feeling of exhaustion is one of the more common signs I have seen that you could use a mental health day. If you are getting good uninterrupted sleep and you still feel exhausted, it might be time for you to think about taking a day off. This is particularly true if you are emotionally exhausted. If you are going through a lot of stress at work regarding workload, disagreements with colleagues, or adjustments to the workplace, these situations can be emotionally taxing creating a sense of fatigue even if you enjoy your work. It is important to take time outside of work to put yourself first.

Sign #2 Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is another common sign I have seen in my work in mental health. Using a mental health day to overcome this feeling is a great way to feel refreshed afterward. You begin to feel overwhelmed when there is too much on your plate. Could be your workload is too high and you cannot keep up. Perhaps you have a lot of home projects to finish and you cannot seem to catch up on them. Sometimes you have a lot of both and everything feels like it is too much. If you fear adding one more thing to your already overloaded plate before everything comes crashing down, take a mental health day and address your personal needs and wants.

Sign #3 Agitated

Another sign of needing a mental health day is being more angry than usual. This can come from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Being agitated can lead to further difficulties at work and home. When people become angry it is difficult to contain the anger if left ignored. This can lead to you burning bridges or overreacting as your anger needs an escape and any excuse will do. This can make you seem less approachable and thus negatively impact your social circle. You might be tempted to “let people have it” and begin to get into verbal altercations causing further problems.

Sign #4 Preoccupied

Being distracted and preoccupied at work is another sign of needing a mental health day. Not being focused can lead to poor work performance. When you have something looming over your head or intrusive thoughts you become mentally preoccupied. This can lead to forgetfulness and a lack of attention to important tasks. If you are distracted long enough, mistakes will eventually be made and this can cause more problems you do not need to have. Taking a mental health day can help you refocus by giving your mind a break or by addressing unfished tasks at home.

Sign #5 Mental Break down

This sign is the most important and also the most ignored sign in my experience. If you feel that you are one more issue away from complete mental collapse, take a mental health day as soon as you are able. Feeling on the verge of a mental breakdown if ignored, may result in having a breakdown. The previously mentioned signs are signals that your brain is sending to you that you need a break. When ignored, they typically lead to feeling like you are about to mentally snap. The above signs do not happen in any order but experience has taught me this sign is the last one before your mind implodes. If you are at the point you are fearful you are about to have a mental breakdown, your intuition is most likely accurate. It is also a good idea to seek out mental health services and speak to a mental health counselor regarding your concerns and pain points.

What to do on your mental health day?

The goal is to focus on doing things that bring you joy or a sense of calm. There are always things that need to be done and many of the things we busy ourselves with are not urgent. I have all of my clients answer this question I am about to write down. Ask yourself, what would make me feel happier or calmer right now. Your body and mind know what you need when you need it. The issue is you have probably built a habit of ignoring the signs and signals. The answer to that question is always simpler than you think. Give it a shot, you might be surprised at how easy it is to feel better.

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