10 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Matters at Work

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Emotional Intelligence and Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is one of the benefits of improving your emotional intelligence. Everyone is susceptible to work-related stress. It does not matter what industry you work in, nor how much your salary is, or what rank you are within your company. Everyone eventually reaches a point of discomfort at work. Those with high levels of emotional intelligence know when they need to engage in self-regulation and how to do it. 

Self-regulating when you are experiencing unwanted emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, and disgust will help you keep cool, calm, and collected. People who are able to self-regulate feel less pressure at work regardless of how complex or how big a project is. They remain collected even if there are unforeseen circumstances. When you have high emotional intelligence it appears to others around you as if you never become flustered or upset and this is due to efficient and effective self-regulation.

When you develop your emotional intelligence you will have an understanding of what to do in order to manage your emotions. You will know what is the most effective way to keep control of your emotions in every situation. Regardless of where you are you will have an answer as to how to keep yourself calm and collected. Those with high emotional intelligence develop systems to always stay at the top of their game.

Greenwood Village, Colorado, 80111

Interpersonal relationships

Those with high emotional intelligence have on average higher quality and higher quantity of beneficial relationships. They have fewer marital fights, fewer disputes at work, their social relationships develop faster causing higher levels of support from others, and all of this brings more happiness and success in life. 

At work, this helps facilitate better communication with colleagues and business partners. All great companies started from humble beginnings and not one achieved large amounts of success and wealth alone. Bill Gates was not alone, Steve Jobs was not alone, and Mark Zuckerberg was not alone. Each one of them has high emotional intelligence to leverage their social relationships to improve their respective companies. People with high emotional intelligence tend to have more social support in comparison to those with low emotional intelligence. 

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Having high emotional intelligence makes you a more effective and efficient leader. Dr. Martin Luther King is a perfect example. He motivated an entire country through his emotional intelligence. Leaders who use their emotional intelligence are effective at accumulating large numbers of supporters to join their cause. Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and many other companies are powered by emotionally intelligent leaders. We as people often gravitate to those who have what we want. So if you have high emotional intelligence, others will notice and want to be around you. By default, emotionally intelligent people become leaders just through natural gravitational pull. 


Emotionally intelligent people are motivated. Highly motivated individuals are emotionally intelligent because they understand on an emotional level how to not lose motivation. They learn to acknowledge what ruins their motivation. Dr. Martin Luther King was a highly motivated person. No matter his hardships, his troubling experiences, how people treated him, he stayed motivated no matter the challenge. This is the power of emotional intelligence. The ability to stay motivated regardless of the challenges you face.  

Motivating Others

Leaders at work with high emotional intelligence understand how to not only motivate themselves but also motivate others. This is one aspect of leadership that will help you succeed in business. Consider the most wealthy leaders out there. They amassed large amounts of wealth by understanding what motivates their employees and business partners. When you understand what motivates another person, you can leverage that information to both your benefit and theirs. People want to be motivated. When you think of the last time you felt really motivated to do something, did it feel bad or good? Everyone wants to feel motivated to get out of bed, to go to work, to continue having success in life. So when you understand what motivated another person, you are in a position to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Greenwood Village, Colorado, 80111

Emotions are Fuel

Highly motivated people need fuel. The more motivated you are, the more fuel you need. Most people use caffeine to stay fueled. The downside is that you will eventually crash and your tolerance for caffeine increases which means you will need more to experience the same effects. Sounds oddly similar to addiction right? Emotions have no downside, no diminishing returns, and best of all, it’s free. If you could have an energy source that is 100% accessible all hours of the day with zero side effects, would you not consume this every day? Emotionally intelligent people understand how to use their emotions for fuel and are able to maintain high levels of energy for as long as they want with no drawbacks. If this sounds like a back alley miracle drug, trust me I know how I sound, but look at the leaders who motivate you to keep going. 

Emotional Intelligence and Focus

Think of the last time you were so focused on a task that you lost track of time. Were you filled with despair, fear, or anger? Perhaps you were filled with excited anticipation, passion, or unfiltered joy? Building your emotional intelligence allows you to use the right emotion to stay highly focused for hours at a time. Highly emotionally intelligent people are not easily distracted. They get large amounts of work done in a short amount of time without sacrificing quality. This is why you see these people have large amounts of success and wealth or quickly move up the rank within their company. 

Intrapersonal Understanding

Those with high emotional intelligence understand their own strengths and weaknesses. They know how they will react to an upcoming situation and plan ahead. They recognize what kind of personalities are difficult for them to handle and make social adjustments as needed. They consistently and effectively put themselves in positions of strength. They seemingly strive in difficult situations but only because they understand which situations they can overcome with ease and know which problems to delegate to others. It is not dumb luck, but more strategy based on what strengths they have within themselves and they act only from places of passion and strength. 

Greenwood Village, Colorado, 80111

Emotional Intelligence and Creativity

The most well-known innovators were fueled by their emotions. The biggest ideas, the most creative solutions always come from those who have high emotional intelligence. The last time you came up with a creative solution to a problem were you fighting your own emotions or were you being fueled by one? When you let your emotions do most of the work, you will find you have an endless well of creativity. The problem then goes from having no solutions to having too many solutions to choose from. Which problem would you prefer to have?


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