Counseling for Professional Men

You want to take action with the goal of turning your vision into a reality. You run on motivation and willpower to achieve a goal, even if that goal is placed on you by someone else. You hold yourself and others to high standards without making excuses. With enough effort, you can accomplish your goals regardless of the sacrifices. You always strive for the next big step be it a promotion, hitting your target numbers, or higher income. You achieve high-quality work in all you do by making sure every detail is perfect. Perhaps you are aiming to climb the corporate ladder or maybe you’ve reached your desired executive position. Or maybe you founded a company and you envision taking your start-up to high places. As a professional, your potential in life has few limitations. However, your struggles can unknowingly create barriers to your success.

Struggles of Busy Professionals

Counseling for professional men helps with stress, perfectionism, depression, anger management, and poor leadership skills. Many busy professionals do not acknowledge the signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety, uncontrolled anger, and poor leadership until life feels overwhelming. You feel anxious before presentations or meetings at work. You often work long hours making sure everything is perfect and have little to no time for family and friends. You fear being a failure and losing everything or you fear having more success and question your ability to manage it all. Your anger gets the best of you causing you to say or do things that seem out of your control. You compare yourself to others while questioning your decisions and are left feeling overwhelmed. Your identity is connected to your results and without results, you feel a lack of value and impact. It is a struggle to maintain healthy social relationships with friends and family.

Benefits of Counseling….

  • Improve your self-discipline
  • Spend less time dealing with unwanted emotions
  • Control your anger
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Improve leadership skills keeping employee motivation and retention rates high
  • Improve your work-life balance
  • Have healthier relationships with family and colleagues

Five-Step Solution Process

Step 1: Book your first appointment. The majority of people do not make it this far. Once you complete this step, there are only 4 more to go!

Step 2: Understand your pain points. The first four sessions must be consecutive in order to fully understand your pain points. This will give you time to fully express your concerns and allow time to build rapport.

Step 3: Identify which skills and techniques you need to develop in order to move forward.

Step 4: This is where the hard work begins, taking action using the skills and techniques you have developed in order to move past your pain points.

Step 5: This final step occurs when you have moved past your pain points and are now looking forward to life. This is when planning and maintenance begin. In order to continue the forward movement, specific and detailed plans regarding effective use of the skills you have built will need to be laid out to encourage you to be self-sufficient.

How long will these 5 steps take? On average, clients go through this process in 3 to 6 months. Everyone is different so there is always room for more or less time as needed by each individual.


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