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I am not your traditional mental health professional. I will not hide behind a clipboard without ever looking up at you and only asking you questions to keep you talking. If you are craving a professional who is straightforward and blunt, then you found one. I plan to be honest with you so you can make the required changes to have the quality of life you crave. Counseling to me is about honest conversations. No cookie-cutter approaches. I custom-tailor our counseling sessions together to fit your specific needs. I’m grounded and aware that society is ever-changing and I need to be flexible. I want to make our conversations as bar friendly as possible. That means no clinical jargon, no regurgitating something I read in a textbook, or pretending you are the only person in the room. We will need to cut straight through the bullshit. No sugar coating, hand holding, or beating around the bushes. To keep our counseling sessions non-traditional, we will need to be real people with real problems. 

My Counseling Methods

I differ from other counseling approaches because I am honest and authentic. If I notice something that is not working for you from my perspective, I will not hold back in telling you. I’m open to various backgrounds and walks of life and will not pass judgment on you. I aim to find the roadblocks to your happiness and help you remove them. Therapy to me is about real people talking about real problems without holding back. I have to be effective and efficient for you. So I cannot beat around the bush and waste your time and money. I will cut straight to the problem and find a solution. 

Counseling to me means being creative. Since I am a non-traditional person, I will sometimes use non-conventional methods during our sessions. If you need to yell, I will encourage you to do so. If you cannot sit still, we can walk around the local pond and continue our session outside so you can move freely. I have the mind of a scholar with the mouth of a pirate and will not be surprised by how you express yourself. Regardless of what you need while using my counseling services, I will do my best to find a creative solution to any challenge. 

Sex Positive Therapy

Sex Positive Therapy is for those who are struggling with various topics regarding sex, kink/BDSM, sexual identity, consensual non-monogamy, or sex workers looking for support. Sex-positive therapy addresses various symptoms such as depression, self-esteem, lack of sexual pleasure, relationship issues, rejection, shame, and guilt. After engaging in sex-positive therapy, you will develop a stronger sense of self by having more confidence, communication with your partner(s), advocating for your boundaries, and a higher sense of self-acceptance. Altogether, this will create the quality of life you are missing.

Anger Management

Anger Management helps contain your anger outbursts regardless of whether you are seeking counseling for legal reasons or simply because you are tired of being labeled as angry or aggressive. When your symptoms include anger explosions, burned bridges, moments of regret, aggressive behavior, and do not understand where your anger comes from, anger management is for you. After you have gone through anger management therapy you will remain calm in all situations, you will have more energy for other areas in your life, people close to you will not have to walk on eggshells,  and you will stop saying and behaving in ways that will fill you with shame and guilt.

Anxiety Treatment

If you struggle with being on edge, have restless behavior, fear having another panic attack, or have trouble concentrating, then you are showing some anxiety symptoms. Anxiety treatment is for people like you who struggle to trust their own decisions. Anxiety can lead to isolation, depression, anger issues, and impairment in daily functioning such as social activities and work. Various types of anxiety exist as well, such as social anxiety, dating anxiety, and general anxiety. Therapy for anxiety may be of help to these types of anxiety. If any of this sounds like you then begin to improve your mental health by engaging in therapy. Once you have made the necessary changes, you will notice your self-confidence reach new heights, be able to control your thoughts, have more focus, and have peaceful sleep every night.

Depression Treatment

Are you dealing with a sense of hopelessness, feeling emotionally numb, lack of energy, lack of motivation, no sense of joy, or suicidal thoughts? These are signs of depression, and it is vital to begin depression treatment to improve your quality of life. Together we will acknowledge your unwanted thoughts and feelings. I’ll help you understand your depression to better manage your mood. After you are done with treatment for depression, you can expect to wake up excited every day and regain your joy or passion for your hobbies, friends, work, and family. Don’t continue to ignore the signs or wait for things to get better on their own.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has become a popular term among professionals. If you are struggling to move up within your company, reduce turnover, or are trying to improve your leadership, then emotional intelligence is what you need. Through emotional intelligence, you will learn the function of each emotion, how to communicate more effectively, and how to motivate those around you. You’ll better understand those around you and how to respond in ways that benefit you.

Treatment for Narcissism

Have you burned many bridges throughout your life? Struggle with isolation? You often struggle to understand the emotions of people around you. Often you feel misunderstood by others. Have been called a narcissist by several people close to you in life. Perhaps you spend time thinking about ideal love, beauty, power, money, and success. These are all signs of narcissistic traits. Seeking help will allow you to have both a higher quality and quantity of close relationships, reduce how often you are criticized, have better relationships with friends and family, and you’ll be seen as a more effective leader at work.

Online Therapy in Colorado

By getting online therapy in Colorado, you can have the benefits of staying at home or work and still getting the help you want. You only need a microphone, reliable internet service, and a quiet place to have a meaningful conversation. This is ideal for stay-at-home parents, those who struggle with anxiety regarding leaving home, those with busy schedules, or anyone who cannot find someone within their area. After going through online therapy, you will feel less anxious, struggle less with anger, have more energy, and have the quality of life you’ve wanted.


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The Client in Counseling

You will need to be motivated and open-minded to change. I will put in our counseling sessions as much as you do. So that means if you do not respect my time I will not respect yours. If you consistently show up late, so will I. If you are checking your phone during our sessions, I’ll do the same. I will work as hard as you do in and outside of our counseling sessions. Then, I expect you to show up each time ready to work, and to be honest with what you say, think, and feel. I have no fear of referring you elsewhere if we are not a good fit or if what you need from me is something that is outside my scope of operations.

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Other Services Offered by Morning Coffee Counseling

Anger management therapy isn’t the only service offered by my Greenwood Village, CO-based practice. I’m happy to offer various services in-person and online to support your mental health. I also offer anxiety treatment, depression treatment, emotional intelligence therapy, and treatment for narcissism. Feel free to learn more by visiting my blog or about page today.

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