Therapy for Men in DTC

Have you had 3 or more counseling relationships where you felt you were not understood, wasted your time, regretted wasting your money, and no longer believe this process can work for you? Then I’m glad you found me as all of the men I work with have the same experiences and thoughts. I differ in my approach as I do not believe one size fits all. I custom tailor my approach to fit your needs so that you always feel you have learned something about yourself and leave with skills that empower you to solve problems. I am straightforward and blunt and I have no intention of coddling you. I respect you, your time, your effort and therefore I will speak with authenticity. In order for me to do my best work with you, I expect you to return my level of honesty regarding the problems you want to be solved. I will take charge of our conversations to ensure everything we speak about is for your benefit so that you feel you are always making steps towards your end goals. Regardless if you want fewer fights in your relationships, are confused as to why you keep having the same repeating issues, or wondering how you can improve your status at work, I will do everything in my power to make sure your time and money are never wasted. 

“Working with James in the past 6 months has landed me a promotion at work that doubled my income, improved my ability to be a father, and allowed me to develop tools to resolve my martial fights”


I do not diagnose within my practice and the only paper trails are clinical notes and charges made via Stripe. I do offer other methods of making payments to maintain flexibility so that you are not forced to disclose any credit card charges. I do not report to insurance so nobody has to know about the work that we do. For more information on why I do not take insurance, click here

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Benefits of Counseling….

#1 Benefit: Freedom from unwanted thoughts and feelings

  • A paradigm shift in how you communicate increasing leadership in the workplace
  • Increased self-confidence to handle any challenge
  • Spend less time dealing with your emotions allowing you to have more energy
  • Develop skills and tools to improve your social life

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