Concierge Therapy for Executives in DTC

Desires of Busy Professionals

As a professional you desire success. You are not looking for success for the sake of success but for what success will bring you. You desire to have financial freedom. You desire to have a high-ranking position within your company and take yourself and the company to new heights. Through your success, you will receive the recognition you crave. Through your high-ranking position, you will have the respect you worked for and the ability to control your future.

Personalized Experience

Concierge therapy is the pinnacle of individualized and custom-fit services. Insurance will not dictate how many sessions you have, nor will anyone dictate what you speak about and there is no “cookie-cutter” approach in addressing your needs. Some days you need an outsider’s view or maybe you just need to vent without fear of judgment. Your sessions will be whatever you need them to be as often as you need them.


Safe and secure Telehealth sessions will allow you to avoid wasting your precious time sitting in traffic. This means you can have sessions while you’re at work during lunch, at home while the kids are distracted or asleep, and even on the go as you can join the session while on the phone (as long as you are not behind the wheel of a moving vehicle).


Use the monthly retainer as works for your schedule. As a concierge therapy client, no insurance company will dictate the frequency of your sessions. This helps you easily schedule sessions as your schedule allows. Maybe you need two sessions in one week then so be it. Want to pack in a two-hour-long session to really get some work done, that’s perfect too!

More Time

Through concierge therapy, you can enjoy longer sessions. Typical sessions are 45-minutes. With the concierge package, you will have full 60-minute sessions. This means you get more of my time to allow you to work through your concerns. 

Direct Care

You will not have to deal with receptionists or answering services. I will personally respond to your texts, emails, phone calls, and online portal message myself. People who do not understand your needs will not be asking you questions or handling your appointments. 


Benefits of Counseling….

#1 Benefit: Freedom from unwanted thoughts and feelings

  • A paradigm shift in how you communicate increasing productivity in the workplace
  • Increased self-confidence to handle any business challenge
  • Spend less time dealing with your emotions allowing you to have more energy
  • Feel more at peace at work by removing any sense of dread

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