Counseling in Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Counseling in Greenwood Village CO, 80111

I am not your traditional mental health professional. I will not hide behind a clipboard without ever looking up at you and only asking you questions just to keep you talking. If you are craving a professional who is straightforward and blunt, then you found one. My plan is to be honest with you so you can make the changes required for you to have the quality of life you crave. Counseling to me is about honest conversations. No cookie-cutter approaches. I custom tailor our counseling sessions together to fit your specific needs. I’m grounded and aware that society is ever-changing and I need to be flexible. I want to make our conversations as bar friendly as possible. That means no clinical jargon, no regurgitating something I read in a textbook, or pretending you are the only person in the room. We will need to cut straight through the bullshit. No sugar coating, hand holding, or beating around the bushes. In order to keep our counseling sessions non-traditional, we will need to be real people with real problems. 

My Counseling Methods

I differ from other counseling approaches because I am honest and real. If I notice something that is not working for you from my perspective I will not hold back in telling you. I’m open to various backgrounds and walks of life and I will not pass judgment on you. My goal is to find the roadblocks to your happiness and help you remove them. Counseling to me is about real people talking about real problems without holding back. I have to be effective and efficient for you. So I cannot beat around the bush and waste your time and money. I will cut straight to the problem and find a solution. 

Counseling to me means being creative. Since I am a non-traditional person, I will sometimes use non-conventional methods during our sessions. If you need to yell I will encourage you to do so. If you cannot sit still we can walk around the local pond and continue our session outside so you can move freely. I have the mind of a scholar with the mouth of a pirate and will not be surprised by how you express yourself. Regardless of what you need while using my counseling services, I will do my best to find a creative solution to any challenge. 

The Client in Counseling

You will need to be motivated and open-minded to change. I will put into our counseling sessions as much as you do. So that means if you do not respect my time I will not respect yours. If you consistently show up late, so will I. If you are checking your phone during our sessions, I’ll do the same. I will work as hard as you do in and outside of our counseling sessions. I expect you to show up each time ready to work, and to be honest with what you say, think, and feel. I have no fear of referring you elsewhere if we are not a good fit or if what you need from me is something that is outside my scope of operations.

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